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Current speed and average speed

The current speed is the average speed during the last second. Due to the structure of the measuring system, there may always be jumps in speed at the current speed. With H0, for example, the speed might jump by 6 km/h, which corresponds to one revolution per second. Even at very low speeds, which result in less than one revolution per second (at H0 less than 6 km/h), 0 km/h will be displayed as the current speed and the line in the diagram will have corresponding jumps. However, the average speed is calculated over the total number of revolutions during the entire measuring time, so that these fluctuations are not relevant.

Technical background

The speed measuring system “Max” essentially consists of a reel which is provided with a marking and a corresponding detector which detects each complete revolution of the reel. From the diameter of the reel and the number of revolutions per second, the speed of the model in centimetres per second and, depending on the scale, the prototype speed in kilometres per hour can be calculated. The detector mentioned is an “IO-Warrior24” from the company “Code Mercenaries”, which is connected to the computer via USB. The diameter of the reel required for the calculation is already stored in the program (6.10 mm for the H0, 0, 1 and LGB gauges, 5.80 mm for the TT gauge and 4.75 mm for the N gauge).

Remarks regarding the Windows version

The remarks regarding the Windows version are available here.

Remarks regarding the Linux version

The remarks regarding the Linux version are available here.

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