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Options – Show graph

This option can be used to select whether the diagram should be displayed in the right half of the program window and whether the measured values should be displayed graphically. Especially at higher model speeds (over 160 km/h) the graphic display of the measured values could take so long that it may be advisable to hide it.

Options – Show standard deviation

This option can be used to select whether the diagram shows not only the current speed values (blue dots) and the average speed over the entire measurement time (red line), but also the standard deviation of the current speed values. Please note the information on the current speed in the “Remarks” section, which also has a corresponding influence on the calculated standard deviation!

Options – Save measured values

If this option is selected, the measured values are written into the log file in the program directory once per second: measurement duration in seconds, total number of revolutions, average revolutions per second over the entire measurement duration. This data can be used to make calculations in external programs.

Options – TrainController speed profile

If this option is selected, the average speed is written to the clipboard after the measurement time. Then the measurement is started again after the time defined in “Settings – Delay”. With this procedure, a speed profile for a locomotive can be created automatically with TrainController.

Track gauge

Here you can select the track gauge of the locomotive. The track gauges H0 (1:87), TT (1:120), N (1:160), 0 (1:48), 1 (1:32) and LGB (1:22.5) are available.


This menu item is important for creating a speed profile with TrainController. After the measurement for one speed level, TrainController needs some time to switch to the next one. The new measurement should only be started after the locomotive has run at the new speed for a few seconds, otherwise the measurement result will be incorrect. This waiting period between the completion of one measurement and the start of the next measurement can be set here.

Measurement time

Here you can determine for how long the speed is measured and averaged before it is transferred to TrainController. For a simple speed measurement without TrainController, the maximum measurement duration can be selected here, since the measurement can be stopped at any time anyway.


Here you can select the program language. Currently, German and English are available.

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